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How to have good communication in a relationship

Many times we hear saying that in order to have a good relationship, couple communication is the most important thing . And it’s true, but in the end everyone will give their own interpretation to this phrase. Some will think that with their partners they talk enough and others will think what they have to talk about. Learn how to have good communication in a relationship.

Communication goes beyond speaking or speaking, or speaking. Communication has more to do with what is said and how it is said.

What are the most common mistakes in couple communication?

Most of the mistakes that are usually made in couple communication have to do with not knowing how to express themselves properly, or due to disrespect for oneself or the other person. Among the different errors we find:

  • Impose our criteria believing that our point of view is better than that of our partner.
  • We express defects and complaints of the couple frequently , sometimes in an exaggerated way.
  • We want the other person to be as we want.
  • We are not interested in the views or beliefs of our partner.
  • We do not let our partner express themselves.
  • We take for granted what he is going to say and constantly interrupt him.
  • We manipulate to achieve what we want.
  • We are right although we disagree .

The result of erroneous couple communication patterns can weaken the relationship, to the point of breaking up in many cases. That is why it is important that we pay attention to the way and the way we have to communicate with our loved one.

Mistakes in couple communication can weaken the relationship.


How could I communicate correctly with my partner?

Regardless of whether in our partner communication we are aggressive, passive or manipulative , there is a middle term called assertiveness, available to everyone and with which we can start practicing to improve our relationship. Assertiveness is nothing more than a form of expression through which respect for oneself and others is sought.

Assertiveness is expressing thoughts, feelings and the way of seeing the world through words or gestures, in a calm and appropriate way, while wanting to know the feelings and thoughts of the other to understand it better.

Practicing assertiveness will help us express our needs in the relationship, as well as understand those of our partner. Being assertive will nurture our relationship by allowing us to express our point of view and improving our partner communication.

An opportunity to improve the emotional aspect of communication either with your partner or with your family or friends is offered by the course ” Improve your communication “ by Javier Cebreiros, with which you will enter the wonderful world of communication and learn diverse Strategies to communicate.

How could I be more assertive?

Express your appreciation for your qualities

Most likely, you appreciate certain qualities or actions of your partner. Something about his appearance, his character, something he says or does, whatever. Expressing verbally or otherwise what we appreciate about our partner is good for both of us, since we both will be able to feel better.

Our environment would improve significantly if instead of complaints or criticism there were more signs of appreciation.

Let’s see it with an example . It is not the same to say « I would like to tell you that although it may not seem like it, I look hard at the effort you make to help me and support me. It makes me feel good. Thank you for everything, ” to say,“ Yes, it’s worth it, since you help me, do it well! ”

Accept the signs of affection and compliments

It is also possible for your partner to express his appreciation for you. Do not doubt his sincerity, the fact that you do not believe it does not mean that the other person does not think about it. Accept the signs of affection and compliments naturally, a simple “thank you” is enough.

For example, he can tell you: How handsome you are . And finally answer: Yes, with these hairs …  Remember not to doubt his sincerity, just say ” thank you “.

Knowing how to accept compliments is an important point because if we despise them we can condition our partner and that as a result we will not do them again in the future. In addition, María Nieves Vera (2009), Professor of Psychology at the University of Granada, points out the advantages of knowing how to receive compliments, among which the following stand out: they make people feel good, help establish friendly relationships, reduce tension in case of tense situations , we know what the other person likes us …


Be able to say “no”

Keep in mind that the responsibility of saying ” no ” is only yours. Saying “yes” when you want to say “no” is not sincere and hurts your feelings. You have the right to refuse requests without feeling guilty or selfish.

Remember that you do not reject the person, only the request, although there may be a misunderstanding by your partner.

For example it is not the same to say: I understand that you want us to go to that meeting, but at this moment I do not feel like it. To go without desire to a place where probably, in the end they both go through bad faces.

Ask for what you want

A common mistake is to expect the couple to do something without telling them at any time . We all have the right to express what we want, but if we do not, we have to understand that others do not have to guess it, for longer than they have been together and for more than they know each other. If you really want something, express it properly.

For example, it is not the same to say: I would like to go for a walk in the afternoon, what do you think? To be reluctantly inwardly because the idea of ​​going for a walk never leaves your partner.

Explain what you think or how you feel

Say clearly what you think or how you feel, whether positive or negative, but always with respect for the other.  There is no better way for your partner to understand you than showing your emotions. Accumulate emotions, will make us explode someday.

Do not assume that your partner will know how you feel, no matter how long it makes you know each other. A phrase well known to all could be the following: «You have known me for a long time, you should know how I feel». However, that is a mistake. Over the years we can understand and understand the other, but if we want him to know what is happening to us, it is best to say it without waiting for the other person to infer it .

For example, it is not the same to say « Every time you arrive late I worry, I would like you to take it into account in case it happens again remember to notify me» to hold the other responsible, hide our emotions and say « You are always late! Every time you go out, the same story!

Beware of accusations

It is very easy to get carried away by anger and blame our partner for how bad we feel. So, to avoid this error in the communication of couples and clashes that do not lead anywhere, the best is:

  • Ask questions instead of accusations .  How could it be: Are you listening to me? , instead of directly accusing and saying: You are not listening to me again!
  • Comment on what the couple does without rating it . For example: I have noticed that lately you forget the clothes lying on the bed after changing . Instead of: You are a mess, every time you change you leave the room bogged down. 
  • Avoid generalizations as always or never. For example it is better to say: Lately you are not taking out the garbage . To say: You never take out the trash. 

Use assertive terms in our conversation

I think, I feel, we do, I want, what you think, what do you think, how can we solve this, I would like … There are multiple expressions and assertive forms that we can use in our conversations to create a more pleasant climate.

Finally, remember that maintaining assertive communication with your partner does not guarantee you the absence of discussions and problems , but it does facilitate mutual understanding and respect that will gradually be forged. You will always have this option at hand. You just have to choose it.

Important relationship advice for married couples

Maintaining a healthy relationship at times seems to become very complicated. No one teaches us how to behave in a relationship (we learn by trial and error) and are the perfect opportunity to bring to light all our insecurities, irrationalities, affective deprivations and biased ways of seeing the world.

The society in which we live shows us a model of a romantic couple that is not real and does not favor at all how we are able to establish healthy relationships. The relationships represented by Disney films, songs, novels, etc., foster different myths about love that are far from reality.

In spite of all this maintaining a healthy relationship is not so difficult if we are able to leave our insecurities and our bad experiences behind and we focus on taking care of and growing the relationship every day. Here is some valuable relationship advice for married couples that could save your marriage.

  1. Share leisure time with your partner

Although sometimes because of the fast pace we have in life it is difficult to get free time, we have to know that a relationship (like any type of relationship) takes time to take care of it, so getting this time should be one of our priorities . It is a key relationship advice for married couples.

To avoid falling into monotony and routines, it is very important that you share quality time with your partner: a romantic dinner, a walk in the park at sunset, a weekend break in the mountains, or simply a movie with popcorn. It is important to share time and activities together in which good roll and positive emotions prevail.

  1. Care for communication

Talk to your partner, tell him how your day has gone, explain your problems, how you feel … Maintaining a relationship is to create a project of life in common and for it is essential that there is good communication.

  1. Respect your partner’s freedom

Your partner does not belong to you, your partner is a person who freely decides to have a relationship with you and that at they can stop it at any time. Always remember this relationship advice for married couples.

Is 1000 Questions For Couples a SCAM?

Is your relationship going through a rough time? Most probably it is and that is one of the reasons you looked for a page like this. To be honest, every relationship has its fair share of problems. There comes a time when everything in a relationship simply stagnates. What’s more, in times like these, couples tend to ask the wrong kind of questions.

So, one way to get your relationship back on track is to start asking the right questions. But you shouldn’t wait for problems to come so that you start asking questions. You should do it right before walking down the aisle.

If you want to learn the right questions to ask in times when things seem awry, the 1000 Questions for Couples is what you need. Before you purchase it, make sure you read the following detailed review about the guide and decide if it is really what you need.

What Is 1000 Questions for Couples?
1000 Questions for Couples is a guide that teaches couples how to ask the most pertinent questions in a relationship and what exactly to ask. In essence, it’s not really about asking questions but rather, it is about communicating effectively in a relationship. Undoubtedly, communication is the key most (if not all) relationship problems. Once you and your partner can talk about anything, then the chances of your relationship lasting longer are high.

Indeed, some questions seem too big or too hard to ask, but this guide really makes it easy to ask even the most difficult questions. It doesn’t really beat around the bush. It goes right to the gist of the matter and that’s what you need to do.

There is basically everything you can think of that can make a relationship work or fail, from more serious things like finances, children, career, and past relationships to lighter subjects such as pets, food, cars, vacation, and more.

One mistake that a lot of people make is to rush into a relationship just because they have strong feelings for each other. They don’t really sit down to ask the hard questions. Inevitably, time catches up with them and the relationship crumbles.

After reading this guide, every new relationship you’ll start will be a lot stronger. You’ll learn how to deal with the hard issues right from the start of a relationship, and once you do that, you’ll have less issues to deal with in your relationship.

We all know of those first moments of getting to know each other but not all people know the right questions to ask at that important time. There are many vital questions to ask at that time that will guarantee a healthy relationship. When you miss asking them at that crucial time, you’re likely to hit problems sooner than you realize.

You probably know that secrets are a common relationship killer, so you’ve got to know how to ask the right questions that will help to unearth secrets. Imagine finding out years into a relationship that your partner is an ex convict? That would be a big shocker and it could have a huge impact on the stability of any relationship. However, if you ask the right questions at the start, most of these things will come out. In other words, asking the right questions right at the start prevents surprises in the future.

In addition, these pertinent questions will help you understand your partner’s feelings and thoughts about you and most importantly about your relationship. Most couples find out when it’s too late that they don’t really know each other the way they thought they did. This is a very common phenomenon and it is a major contributor to the high divorce rates at the moment.

You might wonder whether ‘1000 Questions for Couples’ only works for couples in committed relationships or short-term dating. The truth is that it works for any type of relationship, be it short-term or long-term commitment. If you feel shy asking your partner face-to-face, then you may choose to use a phone or an instant messaging service. If you’re getting into any kind of romantic relationship, this is the guide you need. If you’re wondering whether the person you’re dating is the right one, this guide will help you greatly.

Note that ‘1000 Questions for Couples’ does not provide any quick way out of a fix in a relationship. Rather, it provides a roadmap of ironing out issues that may arise or to prevent them in the first place. You will be able to discover what your partner’s core values are, as well as their dreams and hopes for the future. You’ll also get to know what their fears and fantasies are, in addition to other pertinent issues.

It’s really an eye-opening guide that will change your relationship. One thing about this guide is that you don’t have to read it all in one go. Instead, you pick out a few questions that apply to your current situation and use them appropriately.

Why You Should Buy This Guide
Thousands of couples have managed to turn their relationships around using this guide. Marriages have been saved because of asking the right questions picked from this guide. Therefore, if you feel that your relationship is on the brink of collapse, you need to purchase this guide and start asking the questions that matter. You will be surprised at how little you knew your partner.

The guide comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. This emphasizes the amount of trust that the author has in this guide.

1000 Questions for Couples was created by Michael Webb, a renowned relationship consultant that has been featured on a series of talk shows including the Oprah show. He has written extensively about the subject and is one of the most trusted authorities on relationships.

In all, this guide is a solid piece of work that can greatly change the fortunes of any relationship. Get it today and enjoy a happy and fulfilling relationship with your partner.

FAQs about Healthy Relationship Boundaries

One of the biggest secrets to a rewarding relationship is setting healthy relationship boundaries and honoring these boundaries. Here; find out everything you need to know about boundaries so you can be on your way to a fun-filled relationship that you can feel good about.

What are healthy relationship boundaries?

Relationship bounders work like unseen demarcation lines that you set to protect yourself from getting hurt. These lines are designed to tell you what you are willing to accept and what you are not willing to accept in your relationship. It is a way of saying to our other half how important our individuality means to us. In order words, we should love, care for one another, but there is certain behaviors I won’t accept from you and so should you.

How important are healthy relationship boundaries?

The importance of relationship-boundaries cannot be overstated. Setting healthy boundaries and sticking to them can result in a harmonious relationship because you and your partner will know the things that are expected of them and the restrictions that they should avoid. In turn, there will be no cause for disagreements or heartaches as you go along. More importantly, you also get to build up your self esteem because you reciprocally get to impose what you feel is right—and the other understands this.

How do you set boundaries?

If the relationship is new, it is important to flag any concern as soon as possible. For example, if your partner has done something that is unacceptable to you, you should be able to tell them how you feel about what he or she did. After which, you should also tell them how you need or want them to behave the next time this happens. Using a calm and firm tone, emphasize how important this is to you, by telling them that the next time this happens, you will not be receptive until they behave themselves.

What do you do if your partner refuses to respect your boundaries?

The first thing that you should remember to do is to not take it personally. We don’t control people so much so that we can always expect them to behave a certain way after we tell them to. Be ready to admit that sometimes, people will do whatever they want to do, no matter how often you tell them that it hurts you. When this happens, don’t blame yourself. Admit that sometimes, people are simply wired that way, and you can’t change them no matter what they do. If you can’t take your partner’s misbehavior, it is best to move out of the relationship rather than demean yourself by trying to adjust healthy relationship boundaries that does not exist.

5 Typical Reasons Why Relationship Advice Chat is Considered Necessary

Talking about relationship advice chat: Are you having some problems with your relationship? Is it something serious or normal? If you think your relationship is on the verge of breaking up, you have to do something immediately before it is too late. You should think of a way to bring back the romance and trust in your relationship. Sometimes all you need to do is to sit down and talk with each other to solve the real problem. Or sometimes you need someone who can help you to revive the love that you have for each other.

If life seems confusing, and talking to each other does not yield the type of results you’re looking for; you might want to do something about it. If you believe that you have tried everything, and yet nothing seems to go the way you anticipated; then you might want to try a relationship advice chat online. It could actually be the solution you need but never knew it existed.

The Worldwide Web is loaded with information about relationship advice. So there is no hassle in finding the right relation tips and advice that suits you. There are lots of online resources that can help you build your broken relationship or resolve the issues that you encounter in the relationship.

Essentially, there are five typical reasons why people try to find relationship advice chat on the Internet. Most of them are attributable to social reasons while others are due to convenience. Because of this, more and more people are turning to online relationship advice to help resolve the issues in their relationships. Here are some of the common reasons why people turn to online chats for relationship advice.

1. Relationship advice chat via the Internet gives variety of opinions coupled with privacy most people seek when dealing with personal relationships. It is a well-known fact that most people are afraid to seek professional help for the simple reason that they do not want other people to know that they have some relationship problems.

2. As odd as this may sound, it’s actually a good idea to hear from many people respond to your chat and give their opinions. Why, because you are dealing with people who may have had similar problems as you are having and their advice sometimes come from experience. Too many cooks in the kitchen scenario do not apply here.

3. When you opt for online advice chat, there is no need to make an appointment with a relationship specialist just to resolve your problems with your partner.

4. When you find relationship advice through the Internet, you are able to save time and effort in fixing what needs to be repaired in the relationship. There is no need to set up an appointment and go out of your house.

5. No need to pay for certain fees just to consult a relationship advice expert or therapist. Most relationship advice chat can be accessed for free. So there is nothing to worry about.

To sum it all up, you can say for certain that when it comes to relationship advice chat, that two or more heads are better than one. And also that if it helps you a little and cost you nothing; it’s all worth the effort.

Top 5 Free On Line Dating Sites

Are you looking for a good but free on line dating site that you can join? Some may tell you that “good” and “free” is an oxymoron in the field of online dating. But this is not entirely correct. Many sites require a membership fee upfront when you sign up. Others ask for a premium if you want to access or use their advanced services. Still, there remain a number of good and effective dating sites that are entirely free, and which rely on advertising to earn their revenues and continue to operate. Here are five of them:

1. OkCupid. This site is a cross between a social networking, and online dating, and a compatibility test service. The array of things that you can do makes OkCupid a fairly exciting website. And best of all, you can sign up for free. Another great thing about this website is that it allows users to create a list of personalized questions that they want to answer, unlike other sites like eHarmony, which has a fixed set of personality and compatibility questions that members must answer. Also, OkCupid allows you to contact people who may not be a match for you, giving you leeway to meet people and surprise yourself while you’re at it.

2. Casual Kiss. Casual Kiss attracts the younger set of singles more than the senior or older ones. Most of the people here are below the age of 40, and bulks of them are in their middle twenties. Again, it offers free membership, which comes with exciting features and applications, and the chance to get to know people from all over the world.

3. Plenty of Fish (POF). Plenty of Fish is another free on line dating site that holds the distinction of ushering the success of the online dating business model in the Internet. The user base of POF is a lot more than the paid online dating sites in the US, and the number of people who make use of their unique features such as the forums, the compatibility tests, and the “Who’s Seen Me” functionality is just unbelievable.

4. Woo Me. This is a relatively new dating site that brings together the features of online and speed dating. The members of Woo Me are below 40 years old. One of its strengths is the fast and easy sign-up process, after which you can freely search for people and browse through the online profiles.

5. Connecting Singles. This site gives singles everything they need to know in their pursuit of a date. There are forums, email service, chat rooms, and a list of local dating events happening.

If you’re looking to join dating sites but do not have money to spend, or if you have spent more money than you would like to on those other paid sites; these five free on line dating sites above might be just what the doctor ordered. Check them out; you might be glad you did.

Healthy Relationship Advice: 5 Best Relationship Quotes that You Should Not Forget

Types of healthy relationship advice we often hear them a lot from the old folks. They often tell these words of wisdom have kept their romance burning for decades on end. But that was their time, and this is ours. And what used to be true then may no longer hold water now. In addition, the golden rule in any relationship should be: “Different folks, different strokes.” This means you should always keep in mind that because of our inherent differences, what works for others sometimes—or most of the time—may not work for us all the time. So the next time you hear any of these old adages and pieces of healthy relationship advice, take time to assess whether they are actually healthy or not. Here are few of the best relationship quotes that are as accurate as they are timeless.

First: Love means never having to say that you are sorry. In a relationship, it is often important to hear the S word to calm the other person down and to begin the healing process. This is especially true when one party has done something really terrible to the other and fails to show any sign of remorse after. True reconciliation and healing can only begin if one is assured that the other realizes their wrongdoing enough to avoid repeating it again.

Second: Honesty is the best policy. What about the flaws that you see in your partner? Does this mean you always need to tell them that they should not think or act this way or that they should be the other way? Sometimes, it works better if the partners learn to accept their flaws and love them despite these flaws.

Third: Children should be the priority. You should only take this advice seriously if you are prepared to lose your marriage. While it is true that it is the parents’ responsibility to look after their children, this should not cause the marriage or the relationship itself to suffer. The partners should always make some alone time to remind each other what it is about the other that they love the most.

Fourth: Don’t pick fights. If you feel that you need to get something across urgently, there is no reason not to do so, even if it should cause the two of you to fight or disagree. Volcanoes erupt when there is too much pressure within.

Fifth: Don’t go to bed angry. Sometimes, couples need some time apart to put things in perspective. And confronting each other while their noses are smoking with anger could only make matters worse.

Yes, the traditional healthy relationship advice are good, but sometimes doing what comes natural and not follow the always “right way” may actually save your relationship. Indeed, if you heed to these list of 5 best relationship quotes your rate of success in any relationship will be very high.

Finding Your Match Online Through Free Online Dating Sites

Exploring online dating sites for your own advantage starting today: Have you found the right one for you, your so-called prince or your damsel in distress? Everyone longs to find Mr. or Ms. Right and dreams of having a perfect love story, a perfect fairytale ending. We search for our perfect match, a match that is a God-sent. Luckily, with the help of a bunch of geniuses, the world that we live in and the present this generation provides us. Finding our soulmate through the vas avenues provided to us has never been easier. One medium is the internet, specifically dating through the internet. It enables us to open our hearts and minds in looking for the person that is eventually made for us from all sources. Who knows maybe our love stories might just be one made from the wonders of online dating?

But how can we be sure that our online dates are matches that are sent to us from heaven? How can we make use of the different free online dating sites to our best advantage? Read these few tips:

1. BE INITIATIVE AND RESOURCEFUL. I’m sure there are many sites in the internet that could eventually stir the whole worldwide population and find the right match for you. All you need to do is be resourceful. Do not waste your time if you feel and think that the one you are constantly dating online might not be compatible to you. The time you spend on him or her could be spent in finding another one.

2. BE PATIENT. You can’t just expect that the first person you date online is exactly the one you are looking for. In this area, you have to be patient and don’t leap on the first available prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. Just take your time so you won’t be frustrated and disappointed.

3. COME OUT AND TAKE THE FIRST INITIATIVE. If you feel that you have found him or her, do not be the one whos waiting. Be brave enough towards getting your point across but don’t be too frank; in order words, don’t reveal all about you on first date. Also, assess the character of your online date if he or she wants to take the matter slow or just go directly to the point.

4. GET TO KNOW YOUR ONLINE DATE BEST FIRST. Make sure you remember every detail that your date has provided you about him or her. This way you are already familiar of your compatibilities when you get the chance. This is also another way of trying to ascertain whether that person can be trusted, thus, ensuring your safety.

These tips might be useful in your search for your one true love on the internet. I hope it does.=)

Tips! First research different online dating sites, then learn if they are truly free online dating sites or if they charge fees for their membership before you commit.

10 Tips on How to Avoid Marriage Relationship Problems

Relationship tips come in two different sizes; size one is dating tips and size number two is marriage tips. Whatever size you’re currently wearing remember that the tips are not that different. If you learn to relate to someone nicely when you’re dating, chances are great that if you do get married that you will get along pretty well. On the other hand, if you can’t stand your date while you’re dating, the chance of you getting married to that date is pretty slim, don’t you agree?

Marriage Relationship Problems are like clothes, they come in different sizes. And a perfect marriage is like Bigfoot, it’s a myth. But even though perfection is impossible to get in any relationship there are ways to make it successful; enjoyable even. Here are ten dating and marriage relationship tips that you should either avoid or embrace, if you want to keep the fire alive in any marriage or dating relationship:

These relationship tips apply to both sizes of relationships, but more slightly to couples who are married:

1. Don’t try to change each other, change yourselves. Trying to force your ideals onto your partner is looking for trouble. You cannot make your spouse into the “perfect” partner. If you want to correct his/her bad habits provide your partner with support and encouragement, avoid nagging, it’ll just make things worse.

2. Talk, talk, talk. In all relationships, communication is the key; it’s the glue that keeps it together. So the more you talk to each other the stronger the bond between you will be.

3. Keep things intimate. This is why you have a girl or a boyfriend or even got married. If you still have inhibitions even though you’re already married, why get married in the first place? (This is the type of marriage tips, or even dating tips that should come natural to everybody.) If there is no intimacy in a relationship that is supposed to be intimate, then what is the point in continuing in that relationship?

4. Accept each other’s shortcomings. Marriage means you accept each other’s flaws. Try and appreciate what makes you different from each other. Remember that perfection is unattainable.

5. Ignore the little things. All marriages go through their own shares of problems, some big and some small. So why not concentrate all your energy on the big problems and let the little, insignificant ones slide. Don’t make mountains out of molehills.

6. Pick your battles. Arguments are a given in any relationships. If it can’t be avoided, at least make sure you argue about something important.

7. Boys/girls night out. Give yourselves some space. Once in a while go out with your friends. This will help keep your sanity. Just staring everyday at the same person can be quite tedious sometimes.

8. Never, ever take each other for granted. Take the time to appreciate each other. Give each other gifts every once in a while. Make your partner feel special.

9. Have date nights. Marriage doesn’t mean that you should stop dating. On the contrary dating is actually essential to keep the relationship fresh. It don’t matter what the two of you do; movie and dinner, bowling, or just having a beer and shooting the breeze. The important thing is that you get to spend some time together, just the two of you.

10. Forgive each other. Never bear a grudge. If you are wronged, just try to remember that you love that other person, even though that person can do some things that really push your buttons sometimes. Be the mature one and just forgive.

It is easier said than done when it comes to keeping things running as a well oiled machine in any relationship, however, success is always on the side of those who do their best to work on their relationship. If you work at it, you can overcome marriage relationship problems.

Folks, these are just few of the relationship tips that I call dating tips and marriage tips (the different but equal relationship knowhow) that will make any relationship longer lasting, vibrant, and your friends insanely jealous.