FAQs about Healthy Relationship Boundaries

One of the biggest secrets to a rewarding relationship is setting healthy relationship boundaries and honoring these boundaries. Here; find out everything you need to know about boundaries so you can be on your way to a fun-filled relationship that you can feel good about.

What are healthy relationship boundaries?

Relationship bounders work like unseen demarcation lines that you set to protect yourself from getting hurt. These lines are designed to tell you what you are willing to accept and what you are not willing to accept in your relationship. It is a way of saying to our other half how important our individuality means to us. In order words, we should love, care for one another, but there is certain behaviors I won’t accept from you and so should you.

How important are healthy relationship boundaries?

The importance of relationship-boundaries cannot be overstated. Setting healthy boundaries and sticking to them can result in a harmonious relationship because you and your partner will know the things that are expected of them and the restrictions that they should avoid. In turn, there will be no cause for disagreements or heartaches as you go along. More importantly, you also get to build up your self esteem because you reciprocally get to impose what you feel is right—and the other understands this.

How do you set boundaries?

If the relationship is new, it is important to flag any concern as soon as possible. For example, if your partner has done something that is unacceptable to you, you should be able to tell them how you feel about what he or she did. After which, you should also tell them how you need or want them to behave the next time this happens. Using a calm and firm tone, emphasize how important this is to you, by telling them that the next time this happens, you will not be receptive until they behave themselves.

What do you do if your partner refuses to respect your boundaries?

The first thing that you should remember to do is to not take it personally. We don’t control people so much so that we can always expect them to behave a certain way after we tell them to. Be ready to admit that sometimes, people will do whatever they want to do, no matter how often you tell them that it hurts you. When this happens, don’t blame yourself. Admit that sometimes, people are simply wired that way, and you can’t change them no matter what they do. If you can’t take your partner’s misbehavior, it is best to move out of the relationship rather than demean yourself by trying to adjust healthy relationship boundaries that does not exist.

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