Healthy Relationship Advice: 5 Best Relationship Quotes that You Should Not Forget

Types of healthy relationship advice we often hear them a lot from the old folks. They often tell these words of wisdom have kept their romance burning for decades on end. But that was their time, and this is ours. And what used to be true then may no longer hold water now. In addition, the golden rule in any relationship should be: “Different folks, different strokes.” This means you should always keep in mind that because of our inherent differences, what works for others sometimes—or most of the time—may not work for us all the time. So the next time you hear any of these old adages and pieces of healthy relationship advice, take time to assess whether they are actually healthy or not. Here are few of the best relationship quotes that are as accurate as they are timeless.

First: Love means never having to say that you are sorry. In a relationship, it is often important to hear the S word to calm the other person down and to begin the healing process. This is especially true when one party has done something really terrible to the other and fails to show any sign of remorse after. True reconciliation and healing can only begin if one is assured that the other realizes their wrongdoing enough to avoid repeating it again.

Second: Honesty is the best policy. What about the flaws that you see in your partner? Does this mean you always need to tell them that they should not think or act this way or that they should be the other way? Sometimes, it works better if the partners learn to accept their flaws and love them despite these flaws.

Third: Children should be the priority. You should only take this advice seriously if you are prepared to lose your marriage. While it is true that it is the parents’ responsibility to look after their children, this should not cause the marriage or the relationship itself to suffer. The partners should always make some alone time to remind each other what it is about the other that they love the most.

Fourth: Don’t pick fights. If you feel that you need to get something across urgently, there is no reason not to do so, even if it should cause the two of you to fight or disagree. Volcanoes erupt when there is too much pressure within.

Fifth: Don’t go to bed angry. Sometimes, couples need some time apart to put things in perspective. And confronting each other while their noses are smoking with anger could only make matters worse.

Yes, the traditional healthy relationship advice are good, but sometimes doing what comes natural and not follow the always “right way” may actually save your relationship. Indeed, if you heed to these list of 5 best relationship quotes your rate of success in any relationship will be very high.

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